Thursday, August 20, 2009

Place of Acceptance

Baby items are being sold quickly! I'm tempted to have a yard sale Saturday to empty my attic & garage! It's been good to "pass it on." I've been busy looking for a new job since Mackenzie has started preschool. Each day is moving along quickly. "Not trying" to have a baby is quite different. I don't know my cycle day-I'm not looking at what my due date could be if we are "lucky." I'm not concerned with our timing. Four years of trying to conceive---it's hard work! I know that at least we tried with devout effort!

My close friend, Leah, is about to have her baby--I wish I could fly to Texas & enjoy the excitement! This is her Christmas Eve surprise baby...she is about to arrive! Leah's story
can give hope to those who deal with infertility. Until you experience infertility, you cannot imagine the pain, longing, and frusteration that someone goes through. It's a tough life. But, those infertiles who are lucky enough to conceive will treasure their baby with a great appreciation.

Another friend of mine, just found out that she is pregnant...I screamed with delight. I'm truly happy for their family. Yet, I walked away in tears knowing that this is a suprise baby---not planned....a jealousy crept into my heart. It's strange how someone who wants a child more than anything doesn't guarantee that their dream of conceiving will come to life.

I think I'm handling the transition quite well. However, I do cry when I hear a song...or when I am having a rough day. I question God. But, I have come to a place of acceptance.

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